Recipe: no bake, cottage cheese chocolate bar (Turo Rudi)

This recipe is the homemade version of the popular and extremely delicious Hungarian dessert, Turo Rudi.

It is not only delicious but also works as a high-protein, healthy treat and fits beautifully to my cottage cheese-series.

Ingredients (approx. 8-10 portions)

– 250g 0% fat cottage cheese

– lemon zest from a whole, unwaxed/untreated lemon

– vanilla extract

– 4 teaspoonful of gelatin (~10g)

– 0.5dl water

– 1.5 tablespoonful of Truvia (stevia-sweetener)

– 250g dark chocolate

1. In a bowl, mix together the cottage cheese, vanilla extract, lemon zest and stevia

2. Add water to the gelatin and let it absorb the water.

3. Melt the gelatin. In a microwave it takes just a couple of seconds, so be careful and do not overheat it.

4. Add the melted gelatin to the cottage cheese mixture and stir it in thoroughly

5. Put the mixture in the fridge and cool it for at least 30 mins

6. After the 30 mins cooling you can start shaping the mixture. The original Turo Rudi is bar-shaped but if it is too difficult to form nice bar-shapes then don’t worry too much about it and do as it is the easiest for you (this is what I did…)

2015-04-24 22.55.47

7. Cover a tray with greaseproof paper and place the bars on it. Put the tray in the freezer to let them cool down properly before covering them with melted chocolate.

8. Start melting the chocolate.

2015-04-24 22.58.292015-04-24 23.00.06

9. Cover an other tray with greaseproof paper and make similarly shaped hot chocolate patches on the paper as your cottage cheese portions. You will place your cottage cheese bars/balls on these before fully covering them with chocolate.

10. Cover the bars with chocolate and put them back to the fridge for a short while to make the chocolate solid and crunchy again.

2015-04-24 23.09.51

2015-04-24 23.13.50

11. Done. Enjoy and give some to your friends. They will love them and you! 🙂

Nutritional facts:

Amount per bar/ball:

Calories: 180.5

Fat: 11.8g

Carb: 11,5g

Protein: 7g


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